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From Recovery to Peak Performance: Brittany Chooses RenoVō® Equine

RenoVō® Equine, a leader in equine regenerative care, has been an integral part of Brittany's maintenance and recovery programs for over 2 years—including the rehabilitation of many client horses through her rehab facility, Conquer Equine.

As a professional barrel racer, Brittany trusts Renovo’s innovative solutions to maximize the health and performance of her horses. Here’s a closer look at what makes Renovo Equine so special.

About RenoVō® Equine

Renovo Equine, a branch of Equine Amnio Solutions based in Argyle, Texas, is at the forefront of equine regenerative care. Their mission is to provide cutting-edge products that enhance the health and performance of horses across all breeds and athletic disciplines. Renovo Equine has developed RenoVō®, an acellular, cryopreserved, liquid allograft derived from equine birth tissues.

What is RenoVō®?

RenoVō® is an equine amniotic tissue allograft that has been used in over 20,000 horses, gaining widespread interest among veterinarians and horse owners as a superior alternative to other therapies. RenoVō® is designed to supplement and protect tissues, offering benefits such as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fibrotic properties. The product is cryopreserved and provided frozen to maintain the integrity of its beneficial proteins.

Hear more from Brittany's vet, Dr. Marty Tanner, in the video below—


Frequently Asked Questions

What are amniotic tissues? Amniotic tissues consist of the amnion and amniotic fluid that surround the foal during pregnancy. These tissues are rich in biologically active factors involved in tissue regeneration, including key growth factors, cytokines, amino acids, and hyaluronic acid. They are known for their anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, re-epithelialization, and anti-fibrotic properties.

What is an allograft? An allograft is a tissue graft from a donor of the same species as the recipient but not genetically identical. In the case of RenoVō®, the tissues are recovered from healthy mares during live birth by licensed veterinarians using safe and sterile techniques, ensuring no harm to the mare or foal.

What are the potential advantages of using RenoVō®? RenoVō® offers several potential advantages, including being minimally invasive and safe, with a morbidity profile comparable to or better than existing therapies. It provides consistent and reproducible results due to its homogeneous protein concentration. Unlike autologous therapies, RenoVō® is readily available without the need for culturing cells or harvesting techniques, making it a convenient and effective option for equine care.

Where can I buy RenoVō®? RenoVō® is available only by prescription through a licensed veterinarian. For more information or to find a provider in your area, you can reference the location map or contact Renovo Equine directly.

What are the product risks? As with any medical product, there is a possibility of an adverse reaction with the use of RenoVō®. While it may not always provide an improvement in the horse’s condition, discussing potential risks and benefits with your veterinarian is essential. Please refer to the product's package insert for complete instructions and information.

Does RenoVō® have FDA approval or a USDA license? RenoVō® does not meet the definition of a New Animal Drug or a biological product subject to FDA or USDA regulation. It is processed following current Good Tissue Practices (cGTP) based on human tissue standards.

Hear from more professional barrel racers that love Renovo—


Why Brittany Chooses RenoVō®

Brittany has always prioritized the health and well-being of her horses, and RenoVō® plays a crucial role in her equine care regimen. The reliability and consistency of RenoVō®’s biological factors offer a trustworthy solution for keeping her horses in top condition.

Brittany’s long-standing partnership with Renovo Equine highlights the importance of innovative and effective veterinary products in the equestrian world. By choosing RenoVō®, she ensures her horses receive the best care possible, helping them perform at their peak for as long as possible.

Renovo has several testimonials from veterinarians on their YouTube—checkout this playlist.

You can also learn more about Renovo on their website—


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