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Manzanola Feeds—An Integral Part of Our Success since 2010

This is my Manzanola Feeds family!!! I have fed their Top Of The Rockies alfalfa cubes for most of my career. With as much travel as we do, it’s unrealistic for us to try to find consistent hay on the road and it’s unfair to our horses to change hay so frequently. With Manzanola I always know the quality I’m getting and where I’m getting it from. I would recommend anyone that has trouble getting consistent hay to switch to their cubes. I also recommend it if you want your horses to just look and feel better! The vast majority of these equine athletes need high quality alfalfa to do what they do and Manzanola has been my go-to for 14 years now.

They’re in stores all over the country. You can visit their website to find one near you and keep up to date with them on Facebook to learn more!


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