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Teton Ridge

It's an honor to be a part of the Teton Ridge team and brand to celebrate the American western lifestyle and the values it represents. Learn more about Teton Ridge and their mission by clicking below!

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Conquer Equine

Conquer Equine was founded by Brittany and her husband, Garrett Tonozzi. After having developed a winning program from breeding, to training, to futurities and rodeos, their program has not come without injuries or the need to understand the importance of proper care and conditioning. Conquer is focused on doing exactly that! They are committed to offering services that get your horses sound and back to work faster because they understand the importance of competing and having your athlete at its best.


Double J Saddlery

Double J Saddlery, located in Yoakum, Texas, was founded in 1991. Originally, the brand only produced quality saddles and tack. In successive years, the company has gained further recognition in the western industry by branching out to include fashion-forward handbags, belts and accessories. Double J and Brittany have been partners since her rookie year in 2003.  Brittany's line of Double J saddles has been one of the most prominent in barrel racing history. Visit their website to view the full line!

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Tranquility Supplements

Tranquility, another product developed by Brittany, combines the selling #1 Relax formula in the barrel racing industry with the highest grade, pure CBD! It's the ultimate product for promoting a calm and tranquil behavior in your horse, while also supporting improved joint mobility, digestion, stress levels, allergies and immune system.



In 2012, Dom Tesoriero launched the Mac Truck at the Saratoga Race Course in New York. With limited resources, he and his friends transformed an old pizza truck into the Original Mac Truck, which quickly gained popularity. The Mac Truck expanded to NYC as the city's first and only Mac and Cheese Food Truck, gaining a devoted following known as #macheads. By 2018, they had three trucks in NYC and participated in major events. In 2018, Dom met Lee Pedone, leading to the Mac Truck's expansion to Texas and beyond, with plans for nationwide franchising. Today, they continue to pursue their ambitious goals. For all Texas friends, be sure to go see them in the DFW area!

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Manzanola Feeds

Manzanola Feeds is well on its way to being one of the largest producers of alfalfa cubes and alfalfa pellets for many industries in the United States. Alfalfa horse cubes offer convenience and superior nutrition for horse's of any lifestyle, but especially while being on the road rodeoing. Manzanola is another key component driving the health and success of her equine atheletes.

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Purina Performance Horse

With every Purina product you’re getting the best thinking of the most accomplished group of Ph.D. equine nutritionists and equine experts in the industry, which is why Brittany chooses to partner with Purina for her equine athletes.

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Professional's Choice

“The more comfortable the horse the better the performance”, if your horse is not wearing the correct equipment you cannot expect it to perform at its best. That's the philosophy behind all Professional's Choice products. Since beginning their partnership in 2004, Brittany and Professional's Choice have designed several bits together. Learn more about them on the Professional's Choice website!

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Oxy-Gen Equine

Oxy-Gen Equine supplements have been a part of Brittany's success for several years. She believes in their brand and products so much that she wanted to collaborate with them on her own line of Oxy-Gen products. Learn more about Oxy-Gen and check out her products on their website!

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Tanner Equine

With a combined 40 plus years of equine experience, the Tanner Equine team has knowledge in every aspect of equine healthcare.  Dr. Tanner has been an essential part of Brittany's success for many years.  He believes that partnering with his clients to maximize longevity of each athlete's career is most important and he's done exactly that for Brittany's horses.


Roper Apparel

The Roper brand was introduced to the western world in 1986 to offer innovative quality products for men, women, and children. Brittany is proud to wear and represent their brand and mission!


Soft Ride

Soft Ride's Comfort Boots and gels, Ice Spa and SoftRider can be used on healthy horses and those suffering from laminitis or other foot/hoof issues. Brittany uses Soft Ride Comfort Boots as part of her daily routine to help keep her horses healthy. Their boots and gels offer protection when stabling and transporting, and provide relief to tender-footed horses.

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The Horse Education Company

HEC proudly serves as the exclusive hub for the patented Hybrid Halter®. This unique halter is the result of relentless innovation, meticulous engineering, and unwavering commitment to horses. It seamlessly melds the sophistication of a "Kentucky horse country" leather halter with the practicality of a rope halter. Brittany is proud to be partnering with HEC as they've been her halter of choice for years!

Use code TEAMPOZZITONOZZI for 10% off your order!



Equine Amnio Solutions (Argyle, Texas) is the market leader in the distribution of next-generation regenerative veterinary products including RenoVō®, an acellular, cryopreserved, liquid allograft derived from equine birth tissues for equine use. Their mission is to provide innovative products to maximize the health and performance of horses across all breeds and athletic disciplines.


Schwalbe Trucks

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