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Brittany and Birdie take the win at Salinas!

Babe On The Chase aka "Birdie" win Salinas making this Brittany's 5th Salinas championship title.

Brittany and Birdie added $11,362.13 to their 2022 earnings after winning the first round, placing 5th in the second round, winning the average and winning the finals in Salinas, California.

Brittany's past wins at Salinas were on her great horse, Duke. In a post-win interview with The Cowboy Channel, she talks about how much it meant to her to win it in 2022.

"This win has been super special just because we lost Duke this year and he's just been a huge staple in my program. And to come out and win it on a different horse is pretty incredible."

View the full results from Salinas here!

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