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KISS ME GOOD BY brings $490,000 in the 2023 Pink Buckle Sale!

Garrett and I are still riding cloud 9. We have the best team of people and a day like that isn’t possible without everyone’s collective effort.

Thank you to Garrett who spent a lot of time on these colts. To Codi and the Conquer Equine team for getting them ready to come to Guthrie. To Rylan and Madeline for the work they put in at the ranch, on the road and at the race.

Thank you to Justin Cunningham and his team at JC Sale Fitting—great people and great help of you need sale fitting and sale services!

Thank you to Pink Buckle for the changes they’ve pioneered in our industry and the opportunities they’ve given owners, breeders, and trainers like us that rely on the equine industry for their living. Earning substantial money like that without the pressure of needing to win was a pretty awesome feeling.

Thank you also to the buyers—we wish you the best of luck with both colts and look forward to cheering you on in the arena!

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