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It's my17th NFR and here's how you can tag along!

First of all - thank you for stopping by the website! I know it's hard to get beyond social media sometimes, but we put a lot of work into this and it's really nice when we see people are using it!

We are hoping to give everyone MORE from the NFR experience this year. We tried to share a lot of behind the scenes last year and this year we are going to double that!

We've created an Instagram Broadcast Channel that will have EXCLUSIVE BTS content only posted there, as well as discounts, partner giveaways, regular updates and more! It will be the FIRST TO KNOW place. You can join by clicking HERE.

The next best place to catch behind the scenes content will be in stories on both Facebook and Instagram. Also, I just started a TikTok if that's your preference! I might even do a TikTok Live if we get a chance!

We will post a signing and appearance schedule everyday on all platforms, so if you're in Vegas, please come say hi!

Just for fun, here's Birdie's Rd 6 win from last year :) see you all soon!


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